Letters to the Editor

Vote for McGlaughlin, retain Ruest

In the campaign for Centre County judge, voters will have the good fortune to choose between two candidates. Ron McGlaughlin and Brian Marshall, who are both decent and honorable men. Having practiced as an attorney for more than 45 years and having contended with both candidates, I believe that, beyond words, voters must look to the actions and lifestyles of the candidates. McGlaughlin is a trustee for St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, who serves communion to shut-ins; a 30-year member of the Rotary; a volunteer driver for Meals on Wheels; and a youth baseball and basketball coach. His wife, Ann, served on the State College Area school board for eight years; his son, Alec, is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy; and his daughter, Caitlyn, now attends the Academy and will be joining her brother in serving our country. If, in fact, it is Ron McGlaughlin’s service to our county that convinces me to vote for him as the next judge of our court.

I’ve also been extraordinarily pleased to read all of the letters supporting the retention of Pam Ruest as president judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Centre County. For the past 10 years, Judge Ruest has served with insight, fairness, integrity and a strong work ethic that is admired by attorneys and law enforcement officials alike. I applaud Pam for her commitment and sincerely hope that our community will join me in voting yes to retain her as judge on Nov. 7.

Denny Mason, Bellefonte