Letters to the Editor

Light is greater, still

The recent shooting in Las Vegas was doubly ignorant. First, because like most terrorism, it was most probably done for show, to be seen in the media to shock the audience theatrically. It confuses this paper-thin appearance world with reality, where act alone can be personally effective. And secondly, it fails faith and assumes death final.

These two errors are related, for there is correlation between the coming of the newspaper world show and the weakening of the faith community as primary reality — a giant searchlight shifts in the public mind.

But this shift is superficial — the salvation proclaimed in the churches still founds the world and thus each one of these deaths opens individually on glory beyond the world. We should all pray for the shooter, for his twisted ignorance is the greatest tragedy here. The darkness of the world is great.

Light alone surveys this dark. And the light is greater, still.

John Harris, State College