Letters to the Editor

Honest and patient, vote for Marshall

In the race for Centre County judge, one candidate has distinguished himself through his professional development, unique qualifications and judicial temperament. That candidate is Brian Marshall.

A successful and highly regarded attorney, Brian has diverse experience in the types of cases that most often come before the court — especially family law. This is important because family law issues take up more of the judges’ time than any other legal matter. Moreover, many of the criminal issues we face in this county — substance abuse and domestic violence, for example — are directly traceable to family court matters.

Brian will bring a new skill set to the bench that includes training in collaborative law and third-party mediation, and a designation as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. He is clearly committed to fairness and to peaceable, equitable solutions. Brian has gone out of his way to develop skills that will help his clients, and those skills will undoubtedly help him as judge.

Perhaps most importantly, Brian also has a judicial temperament. He is honest and patient. When you enter his courtroom, you will be treated with the dignity and respect that you deserve.

Please join me in voting for Brian Marshall for Centre County judge on Tuesday.

Kathryn Colby, Bellefonte