Letters to the Editor

Better things to do than watch ‘nfl’

To the nfl (small letters on purpose): Thank you for letting me see there are more important things in life, beyond you. With the time I now save, I have found meaningful things to do. I save lots of minutes by no longer reading the nfl news, I save hours on Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays and sometimes other days by not watching any nfl games. First, the Steelers for hiding in the tunnel. Lastly, all the other teams and nfl hq, for their sanctimonious, self-righteous disrespect of the principles of our nation, one nation under God with liberty and justice for all, symbolized in our flag. A nation of laws. Those aren’t nouns or grammatical phrases, they are goals to continually pursue. (ie, there are those who would destroy our concept of marriage by saying marriage isn’t perfect so why do we want it. It’s not marriage that isn’t perfect, it’s we humans involved in marriage.) Keeping the pursuit of freedom alive, our military has our backs. The minutes I save gives me pause to search for what really matters for me. The hours I save gives me time to pursue those matters. Does anyone recall why the kneeling started? One player knelt for what he called rampant injustice in the USA. There is injustice, so long as there are sinning humans; but, rational Americans know injustice is not rampant, and ridding injustice is pursuit equal to each step moving one half the distance to the goal. Steps required = infinite.

Joe Rech, Philipsburg