Letters to the Editor

Integrity, patriotism missing in Miles Township

It’s ironic that another veteran is complaining about the issues with Miles Township’s lack of patriotism. Everyone knows the Veterans Monument is incorrect. Veterans from the Vietnam War had the star removed (reason unknown). Money that was donated to the Veteran’s Monument was moved and given to a failing school house project (reason unknown). The monument was vandalized and not reported to the police until six months later (reason for the wait unknown). Failure and refusal to ask for DD-214s and correct the errors (reason unknown). Letting those who joined the Guard and Reserves be listed as Vietnam-era veterans when they never legally served on active duty and are not legally veterans (reason unknown).

For whatever reason, Miles Township Supervisors do not care enough to make the needed corrections. The Guard and Reserve personnel from the Vietnam era do not have the integrity to ask the monument committee to list them as Guard and Reservists and not Vietnam era veterans ( a title they are not legally to carry and have not earned unless they were called to active duty ). They will now celebrate Veterans Day in front of a Veterans Monument that is incorrect and salute and act like they actually care. If they really cared there would not be the problems with the flag or the monument!

Jim Hironimus, White Hall, Md.