Letters to the Editor

PSU football players deserve better

I have followed Penn State football since 1958, and never saw a concentrated effort by a group of coaches to not use the talent on the team like has been demonstrated at Ohio State and Michigan State.

It is safe to say and conclude that these Penn State football players deserve better, and everyone knows that not all of the games will result in wins, and when there are loss of players because of injuries then at this level, depth and experience should prevail. With the talent and experience on this 2017 team, it is hard to accept these losses because of the poor play calling on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball.

James Franklin repeatedly states that he must examine where the problems are and correct them. If he is talking about coaching, I trust that he will, if necessary, get rid of those coaches who are not doing their jobs, and he as the head coach needs to realize that he is not doing his job by letting assistants get away with not doing their jobs.

Finally, if all of these coaches want to correct this, they must do one of two things. Either do their jobs, or if they are sincere in wanting to get rid of the problems those creating the problems need to look in a mirror.

Again, these football players deserve better.

David G. Sage, Coal Township