Letters to the Editor

The time to act is now

Petroleum and natural gas plastics threaten our quality of life, resulting in environmentally caused, life-threatening respiratory illnesses and cancers . According to experts, recycling of fossil fuel plastics does not work. The process is complex, and the U.S. has not yet committed to halting our consumption of single-use waste materials. According to Paul Hawken’s book, “Drawdown,” only 5 percent of petro plastics are recycled. The book also says 95 percent of plastics go into landfills or are burned — contributing to poisoning of air, soil, water and animal life. Most of Penn State’s plastics go into landfill due to problems separating materials. Home football game garbage heightens inability to recycle responsibly.

Since fossil fuel plastics contaminate bioplastics in the recycling and composting reprocessing of plastic film, a total fossil fuel plastic ban is our logical path.

According to Michael Mann’s book, “The Madhouse Effect,” astonishingly, The Rockefeller Brothers Fund (Exxon Mobil) has announced it will divest itself of their fossil fuel holdings! Preparing for global paradigm shifts, Dupont, Cargill, Dow, BASF and Mitsui — Petroleum corporations — are all investing in production of bioplastics. Claire Eamer’s book, “What a Waste! Where Does Garbage Go?,” cites the United Nations 2014 report: Americans use 1,200 single-use plastic bags per person per year, in addition to plastic toys, bottles, packaging, etc.

The time to act is now, according to Paul Hawken, Claire Eamer, Michael Mann, James Hansen, Bill McKibben and so many others.

Micaela AmateauAmato, Boalsburg