Letters to the Editor

Overwhelmed by unsolicited calls

I find it galling that we pay an ever-increasing amount for our phone connections, which are quite important in our daily lives, and can be life-or-death in emergency.

I have ordered the phone company to drop my “identa-ring” phone number, which was part of the local package, i.e. no extra cost. I no longer need it, and it had become an annoyance. Calls from my friends or associates were becoming very rare, but I was receiving several calls every day from robotic unknown sources — non-returnable calls from a state, a city, an unknown number or a nuisance charity calling constantly. Either they left no message, or it was an unsolicited sales call, charity hit or one of the well-known scams — “about your credit card”, or “about your computer problem”, or even “your grandson is in jail.” But mostly it was just silent. This has been going on for a long time. These calls will continue, no doubt, but at least only on one, and not on two numbers.

The same junk use is true for every other communications medium available that strives to “keep us in touch” with the world: newspaper, TV, radio, magazines, U.S. mail, even email, and yes, even my cellphone is receiving unsolicited messages from unknown sources. Stopping them by “unsubscribing” to places I never “subscribed” to, deleting tons of spam and recycling unwanted glossy ads is stealing hours from my life. I resent that!

Jean Aron, Boalsburg