Letters to the Editor

Climate change: What can we do?

In reference to the article, “White House OKs climate change report citing humans,” (CDT, 11/4) the world’s top scientists now agree that climate change is due to human activities. Our use of millions of years of stored fossil fuels has caused the carbon pollution in the atmosphere to rise exponentially, causing an abrupt shift in the global climate. This shift has resulted in rising average global temperatures, sea levels, and length and intensity of storms.

It is high time to direct our energies to finding solutions. What can we do? For decades, we have been recycling, biking, turning off lights, insulating our homes, using LED bulbs and lowering the thermostat. In addition, it is now possible in Pennsylvania, to choose your electric provider. We did this recently and our electricity is now powered by 95 percent wind and 5 percent solar, and it is actually a bit cheaper than our former electricity. Some clean energy companies to consider are Green Mountain Energy and Clean Choice Energy. I have no stock in these providers, but simply want to support them and get the word out about clean renewable energy sources.

Future planning might include using solar and electric cars. Prices for sustainable energy fueled autos and home energy systems are steadily dropping. I applaud Ferguson and Harris townships in the Centre Region for their commitment to reducing carbon pollution. Together we can help each other to make this transition.

Carolyn H. Johnson, State College