Letters to the Editor

Pledge support for public broadcasting

This month marks an important anniversary. Fifty years ago this November, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Public Broadcasting Act, creating the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which today helps to support nearly 1,500 public radio and TV stations across the country at a cost of roughly $1.35 per citizen per year.

As members of the WPSU board of representatives, we know that this investment is critical to public media here in our community. WPSU leverages this federal funding to provide television, radio and digital programs for childhood education, the arts and culture, history, science and civil discourse. The results are evident every time you tune into Weather World or Conversations Live or Our Town. WPSU is also in our community with live events. In early October, WPSU and community volunteers collaborated to bring the American Veterans Traveling Tribute Vietnam Wall to Innovation Park in Centre County for a four-day community engagement event that attracted more than 8,000 visitors. It also makes possible much-beloved national programs that have educated, informed, and inspired generations to strengthen our community.

Please join us in celebrating the 50th anniversary of this national treasure. We hope you will continue to value WPSU in our community in the year ahead and participate in the upcoming TV pledge drive Nov. 23 to Dec. 11. You can also pledge your support online at wpsu.org. Thank you.

Carline Crevecoeur, Boalsburg; Barbara Korner, State College; Gary Miller, State College; Greg Peterson, State College; Rhonda Seaton, State College; Nancy Silvis, Port Matilda; Anne Sullivan, Coburn