Letters to the Editor

An unfair fight

I have been reading the articles in local newspapers (Centre Daily Times, Lock Haven Express et. al.) about Devon Woolfolk who, killed a 500-pound bear while archery hunting on Oct. 31 in Rice Township — wherever that is. The bear weighed in at 502 pounds, according to the articles, and this “made a memory he’ll never forget.” The article also stated that he (Devon Woolfolk) made his grandfather proud. The truth is that an animal has no chance in front of a hunter armed with a compound bow or a gun. Devon (and others) should take his knife and go in the wild and kill a bear with his own hands. That would make him (and others) a real hunter. Until then, as a hunter he (and others) is nothing more than a coward.

I can try to imagine the image of this beautiful, magnificent 500-pound bear in the woods just going about its business, meaning no harm to anyone, and whose life is as important to him as ours is to us; i.e. wanting nothing more than you and I want: to live.

I have but one question to ask about this killing: Why?

J. Dunlap, Bellefonte