Letters to the Editor

A tainted honor

It saddened me to see the photo of broad smiles from the Penn State wrestling and women’s rugby teams as they recently visited the White House, conferring stature upon the president who takes all of the energy out of the room as he seeks to make every gathering about him and his aggrandizement.

Typically, a visit to the White House would be an honor devoid of partisan ramifications, something about which one would not have to think twice. This, however, is the abnormal and repugnant presidency, our nation being led by a vulgarian who seeks to conquer and divide, and one who does not practice or believe in physical fitness.

I wonder if any of the members of the women’s rugby team would have been comfortable being alone with the man who has boasted of perpetrating sexual assault and who has been accused of engaging in it by multiple women.

Oren Spiegler, Upper St. Clair