Letters to the Editor

Consider other skate park options

A skate/board/extreme bicycling park for State College would be a wonderful addition, but the Borough Council is leaning toward a small, poorly accessible area. I am one of the 10 or so homeowners whose backyards immediately border the area in question. When there is this degree of impact on individual people, the site should be ideal in every other way, which is demonstrably not the case.

There are many logistical flaws in this site that I fear have not been addressed. The space is too small, hemmed in by a utilities corridor, an unstable sinkhole and needs fencing on remaining borders for preventing short-cutting through backyards. There is no on-site parking and limited street parking. More troubling, there is no direct vehicle access for emergencies or police oversight, even though legal liability experts would recommend continuous supervision and vehicular access at the level of Welch Pool, due to the risk of concussions and broken bones.

The would-be constructors of this park who see an empty space are overlooking the fact that our neighborhood is already using the space for many activities that fit appropriately. A high-use bike/pedestrian path runs through the center of the area. It is used for many soccer games, ball practice, cross-country skiing, pet walking and more.

There are many undeveloped sites that have the space to actually fulfill the safety requirements and provide better amenities for this new park.

Anne Trout, State College