Letters to the Editor

Thank you, Ferguson supervisors

Recently the Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors voted to support a resolution to reform how voting districts are created in Pennsylvania. This stand is important to local residents because voting districts are currently drawn up by a small group of partisan voters vying to draw district lines in a way that will give an advantage to their political party during elections. To make matters worse, it is done behind closed doors.

Submitted by local members of Fair Districts PA and reflecting PA Senate Bill 22 and PA House Bill 722, the resolution that the board endorsed supports an effort to rectify the partisan nature of this system. The resolution advocates for an 11 member independent commission to draw voting district boundaries in an open and transparent way and to do so according to strict non-partisan criteria. This will ensure that our elected representatives are more responsible to their voters than to their party leadership while guaranteeing that the vote of every citizen actually matters.

I would encourage Ferguson Township residents to reach out and thank their board of supervisors for listening and then standing up for an issue vitally important for each of us. Their stand against party control of voting districts is the kind of local leadership we need to help counter the extreme politics playing out in Pennsylvania and nationally.

Ron Williams, Pennsylvania Furnace