Letters to the Editor

Disappointed with sports coverage

I am so disappointed with the sports coverage this year. There wasn’t a listing all week as to what channel was carrying the Penn State football game on Saturday. Every college was listed except Penn State! And basketball is hardly mentioned at all. There used to be a line-up on game day for both men’s and women’s games that told you when and where they were playing. Now, it’s lucky if you tell the scores after the fact. I’m a fan of football but also think the other programs should have more coverage. Also, other years you had a special section on game day for football. Now the whole sports page is about the game and the comics and puzzles are in the front section, which doesn’t make my husband or me happy! I do the crossword while he reads the front page so we have to separate the paper. We old people don’t like changes, so just wanted to share my opinion.

Phyllis Bressler, Rebersburg