Letters to the Editor

Stop beating around the bush

PSU: Let’s stop beating around the bush. Forget that the community has clearly voiced its opposition to the location of the Toll Brothers development on Whitehall Road by gathering thousands of signatures and raising tens of thousands of dollars. Ignore the aesthetic issue of the destruction of one of the last remaining gorgeous vistas in the area. Dismiss the potential for damaging the water table and contaminating the Thomas Harter wells, and don’t bother with the fact that the land in question is adjacent to the Myers Everhart land perpetually preserved from development by the ClearWater Conservancy. You wouldn’t want to cooperate and contribute to that effort by preserving the Whitehall parcel. Discount the potential for impermeable parking lot surfaces causing flooding of surrounding farms. Don’t fear the potential of sinkhole being incompatible with secure construction, no matter how many there are on the site. And by all means forget that you are a land grant institution with a stated commitment to a sustainable environment.

Oh, and please disregard the fact that Toll Brothers has actively expressed an interest to you in purchasing a piece of your land on West College Avenue. Why should you want to cooperate with them? You clearly don’t want to ever do business with them again. And why should they ever want to have any more dealings with an institution that is so uncooperative, no matter how many other parcels of land they might want to purchase from you for development in the future?

Janet Engeman, State College