Letters to the Editor

Where the money is

Besides killing the Affordable Care Act, the tax plan will give immense long-term tax deductions to corporations and those inheriting millions of dollars while offering a pittance to you and me. And the plan is that even that pittance will disappear in a few years.

Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker won’t vote to add to the federal deficit, but is OK with throwing the elderly and chronically ill under the bus by eliminating a key provision of the ACA that makes it even marginally affordable and workable. Trump doesn’t consider Arizona Sen. John McCain a hero because McCain was captured in Vietnam. I do. But not in this instance because he’s decided to kowtow to those in the Republican Party who want to further enrich the very rich at the expense of the other 90 percent of Americans.

It’s understandable that Trump, who recently said, “I’m the only one that matters,” is willing to sacrifice the general population to have the opportunity to say, “Look what I did. Aren’t I great!” And we cannot expect more of our Sen. Pat Toomey, who has sucked up to Trump since day one, probably in hope of capitalizing at the polls on the fear and racism Trump spews, as well as the donations from those very rich few who will profit from the proposed Republican tax “reform.” But our Rep. Glenn Thompson, too! One might think that Thompson would show more consideration for his constituents. But I guess that’s not where the money is.

Ross Adams, Boalsburg