Letters to the Editor

Killing a bear does not make a winner

I am writing letter this in support of J. Dunlap’s letter to the editor that was printed in the Nov. 26 issue of the Centre Daily Times. I want to let this person know that I agree with his/her views on hunting bears. Bears are beautiful creatures. They are usually not destructive toward property. Bears also very rarely threaten humans. To kill a bear, most often for the pure joy of killing, is sickening. I personally know a few bear hunters and they do not even eat the meat of the animal that they kill. It baffles me, with the accuracy and power of today’s bows and guns, how executing a big, slow-moving, unaware animal is considered a “sport.”

The hunter is not competing; he has every advantage in this match. The bear skin is considered a “trophy” to him. The hunter considers himself a winner. Most would believe this — that the hunter earned the prize. To me, both lost in this situation. The bear lost his life, never getting a chance to fight for living. The hunter? He is a loser also — to execute living, majestic creatures, not out of necessity but for enjoyment? He is definitely a loser, not a winner, in my book.

Paula Williams-Hutton, Philipsburg