Letters to the Editor

Does Trump finally accept the truth?

President Donald Trump’s environmental onslaught is having immediately dangerous impacts by undermining protections from hazards at home, work and play. He has taken a sledgehammer to federal regulations, particularly those environmental rules that restrict how businesses run their plants and extract raw materials from the earth. In the first 100 days of this presidency, 23 environmental regulations alone were rolled back.

Our commander-in-chief thinks environmental rules are designed to stifle economic growth, so he weakens science-based pollution standards without scientific justification. Trump appears clueless about the role that scientific research plays, considering his scorched-earth budgets for the EPA, NASA, and other federal agencies. Here he particularly knee-caps climate science by defunding data collection, the centers that compile that information and the scientists who interpret it. Meanwhile, in my lifetime, carbon dioxide equivalents in the atmosphere have increased almost 40 percent to about 490 parts per million today.

Unfortunately, Sen. Pat Toomey and Rep. Glenn Thompson have rubber-stamped the Trump agenda with virtually every vote reported by the CDT this year in “Roll Call.” Both voted to dump coal waste from mountaintop removal into Appalachian streams. Our senator supported every one of Trump’s climate-denying appointees while our congressperson always votes in lockstep with generally anti-ecological Republican positions.

In the 11/27 “Roll Call,” I disagreed with the Military Budget vote, but applaud that the bill “designates climate change” as “a threat to U.S. and global security.” Does Rep. Thompson finally accept the truth of anthropogenic global warming?

Douglas M. Mason, Port Matilda