Letters to the Editor

Save history, save the Skeller

I am writing this letter to encourage fellow Penn State alumni and the State College community to rally to save an historic institution — The All-American Rathskeller, or barring that, to boycott Herlocher Foods. The Herlochers reportedly purchased the property and led on as if The Skeller would continue to operate unimpeded. Somehow, that changed and changed suddenly. The Skeller will be closing. The Skeller is certainly nostalgic for me, being an alumnus of 1990, but it’s far more than that. It’s part of Penn State culture. Open 84 years, it has a historical value that far exceeds any dollar value that could be placed upon it. Now, the Herlochers have put out a public relations spin that attempts to justify their choices. However, it’s simply too easy to see through their avarice and lack of appreciation of history. With a Walmart springing up on every corner, unbridled greed is homogenizing our communities and destroying our sense of culture and history. Please, join me in opposition of this trend, as exemplified by the Herlochers’ decisions. Save The Skeller and boycott Herlochers!’

Christopher Sortino, Windsor, Conn.