Letters to the Editor

‘Godless naturalism’

To speak for Roy Moore, it may be as easy to find God now, to walk with him as Marion Schwartz (CDT. 11/23) recommends.

Consider that the Ten Commandments have been removed from the courthouse, depriving law of divine sanction.

The inerrancy of divine Scripture has been broken in same sex marriage. Prayer has been removed from schools, darkening the divine light at the center of the secular.

In short, without this combined witness, there is left a godless naturalism, which is now emptying most of the churches.

There was a mission inhabiting the land from the Pilgrim fathers, which now lapses into apostasy, of which the collapse of the family structure and the epidemic of suicides and drug addiction are symptoms. Today, a quasi-dictator comes into the capital, promising secular salvation at the expense of all law and order.

In short, it is very dark to find God now. But I heard on the street corner, and old man mumble to me that very soon in this very dark, there is something absolutely wonderful about to happen. In the east, just before the dawn, there is a star, he said, as he shuffled away.

Let us find it. It may prove in the end that Marion Schwartz is still right.

John Harris, State College