Letters to the Editor

Learn more about Patton Crossing

We encourage Patton Township residents and Centre Region drivers who travel on North Atherton Street to learn more about the proposed Patton Crossing development while zoning specifics are being decided. The development would affect North Atherton Street traffic, Park Forest Village and Patton Township.

We commend the Patton Township staff, planning commission and developers for meeting with residents. The first two meetings of the Patton Crossing Advisory Committee have been very informative.

As township Manager Doug Erickson said: “Now is the time to come to consensus on what standards work best for the community.”

About 28 acres on the former Penn State Mobile Home Park are currently zoned R-3 residential with 200 feet along North Atherton zoned C-1, general commercial.

A proposed rezoning “overlay” would permit a mixed use of commercial and residential on the property including a 130-room, eight-story hotel, up to 1,600 parking spaces, a grocery store, restaurants, commercial retail businesses, offices and more than 300 residential units including 16 for affordable housing. For the hotel, the proposed overlay would raise the current maximum commercial building height from 50 to 80 feet plus 25 feet for landmarks such as a clock tower.

Please learn more at our website, www.pattoncrossing issues.com; our Facebook page, Patton Crossing Issues; and the Patton Township website where two Advisory Committee minutes are addendums “11a” to the Dec. 4 planning commission agenda, twp.patton.pa.us/file request/2497

We hope to hear from you.

Anita Thies,

Patton Township

Thies writes on behalf of the community representatives to the Patton Crossing Advisory Committee.