Letters to the Editor

Trump undermines the country

President Trump’s mantra has been to make America great again, but his actions during the past two years have worked to do the opposite and have undermined those institutions that have made America great. He has attacked: the voter registration and election process, the census, the judiciary, the legislative process, the military, the press and news networks (except for Fox News), science, the environment, our international relationships, and even honesty and human decency! Most recently the FBI has been the target of his wrath.

His tweets and diatribes are evidence of his disdain for these institutions, and his court jester, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, reinforces this disdain with her defense of his indefensible actions and statements.

And what does the GOP do? Nothing! While a very few brave souls stand up to him the great majority of Republicans do and say nothing and go along with him. When was the last time you heard Glenn Thompson speak out about Trump’s actions or statements? Never! He is to worried about losing his cushiony seat in Congress to stand up and do the right thing.

When Trump does leave office in four years (hopefully) or eight years (heaven forbid) we will all have to work together to Make America Great Again! Let’s hope it is not too late.

John Casey, State College