Letters to the Editor

Nittany Mall prime spot for a casino

As I drove by the Nittany Mall on Friday evening, I couldn’t help noticing how empty the parking lot was. Online shopping, which is cheaper, easier and more convenient, is changing the buying habits of the American consumer. To help keep the mall viable, I feel the township supervisors should take full advantage of Gov. Tom Wolf’s new gambling legislation and convert one of the empty stores into a mini satellite casino.

The mall would be ideal due to it’s location, ample parking and easy access. A casino would bring new life and energy to the mall and when not gambling the people could utilize all the Mall has to offer, restaurants, hair salon, exercise place, ect. ... Also a casino would tap into a large reserve of money that is going out of Centre County. Many retirees enjoy gaming and spending time with friends in a casino but we have to drive hours to get there.

Patricia DeVier, Bellefonte