Letters to the Editor

A ‘swamp-friendly’ tax bill

The Republican tax bill should be referred to as “The Swamp-Friendly Tax Bill.” Its benefits go to those who make large contributions to Republican in Congress. Their lobbyists have gotten all sorts of special things that cut taxes for special interests. There will be no money left to significantly cut taxes from people making less than a few hundred thousand dollars.

The Republicans have found a small minority of economists who predict that this tax cut for the wealthy will increase growth to 4 percent a year and this will keep the deficit from going up faster than it would under present tax law. Since they are just making this 4 percent number up, they should have predicted that their tax law would make the GDP grow by 8 percent and solve the whole deficit problem.

Soon when this magic growth doesn’t occur, the Republicans will solve the growing deficit by cutting programs like Social Security, Medicare, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program. It won’t take long for the minority of citizens now supporting the bill to figure this out. This is the reason that Republicans are in this great hurry to pass the tax bill before anyone has a chance to read it. Our Republican representatives, Congressman Glenn Thompson and Sen. Pat Toomey, strongly support the Swamp-Friendly Tax Bill. Their votes reflect the strong financial support they receive from the swamp that Trump ran against. They hope that their votes will be forgotten by the time they have to run for re-election.

Roy Greenfield, State College