Letters to the Editor

Thankful for those who helped

Thursday morning I was traveling on state Route 45 east heading toward Boalsburg, when I lost control of my truck on the snow covered and icy roads. As soon as my truck hit the ditch it flipped end over end, trapping me upside-down and hanging from the seat belt. The driver’s side was in the ground and that was the only window that was broken. The only way to get access to me was to climb up the embankment and down into the passenger side door.

As I was very disoriented and hurting, I started to hear people. Then I looked out the front windshield to see people had actually stopped to help me. They were walking around trying to see how they could get to me. Finally the passenger side door was pulled open, and a very nice gentleman cut me out of my seat belt and had me lay inside my truck. One of the other passers-by handed the gentleman a pillow and blanket. He put the pillow under my head and covered me up. He stayed with me and kept me talking till EMS and Fire could get to me.

These wonderful people took th

e time to care for someone they did not know. And to the very nice gentleman, you are my hero. Tony (from Tyrone), I’m sorry I forgot your last name, but Mount Nittany Medical Center is lucky to have you. Thank you to everyone who was involved that morning.

Gladys Adams, Pine Grove Mills