Letters to the Editor

Our town deserves to be preserved

As a lifelong resident of State College, I am disappointed in Penn State’s complete disregard of what used to be an admirable town-and-gown relationship. Penn State’s refusal to further explore the land swap option with Toll Brothers demonstrates a lack of respect for what makes this town special, for the voices of the community and for the safety of our environment, not to mention ruining one of the most beautiful vistas.

Penn State and the citizens of State College depend on one another. We are a richer community because of our university, and our community members make Penn State thrive by donating time and money to the university, serving as its employees, and attending sporting and artistic events.

By choosing not to explore the land swap in spite of the incredible community backing to do so, Penn State is acting as if it operates in a vacuum. Penn State’s money driven decision shows a complete disregard for the impact on the health and well-being of the water supply that provides for the very people who support them.

I love this town, and I live a mile from the watershed that is at stake. The vista takes my breath away. Our town is special and it deserves to be preserved and respected for its many beauties.

In the beginning, Toll Brothers looked like the “bad guy.” Now, it’s Penn State who has clearly emerged as the villain, a willing wrecking ball of what makes this community great.

Emily Steffensmeier, State College