Letters to the Editor

System is rigged against us

Underlying our struggle to be heard by our elected representatives is an undeniable truth that our voices are muffled by the sound of those who speak with larger bank accounts. Lobbyists and the billionaires they represent are holding our government hostage.

This is why when we the people speak with one voice across party lines about policies like net neutrality we are ignored and cast aside for mega-corporations such as Comcast or Verizon. We cannot hope to make our votes count when the entire system is so painfully rigged against us.

Until money is removed from politics no issue any of us care about will matter.

There are two ways we can deal with this. One is to make sure we nominate and elect representatives who refuse to take corporate cash or operate Super PACs.

Another more permanent solution is to advocate for a constitutional amendment to reverse the disastrous Citizen’s United decision by the Supreme Court and turn the election process into a publicly funded and truly democratic process. A group of activists have started a movement to use the Super PAC strategy against the wealthy. They have started a people’s Super PAC called WOLF PAC and have already ratified what would be the 28th amendment in five state legislatures with more to come.

Take back your government. Until we have our voice, we have nothing. Join WOLF PAC or get more information at: http://www.wolf-pac.com.

Timothy Havener, Mill Hall