Letters to the Editor

Thompson’s loyalty with corporate U.S.

Rep. Glenn Thompson said yes to a tax plan that represents a huge giveaway to corporations and the wealthiest Americans at the expense of working men and women, kids and seniors.

It’s hard to make a moral or economic argument that says Exxon, which made $11 billion profit, needs more money and someone who made $20,000 needs less.

Rather than supporting tax relief for small businesses and middle-class families that would create jobs, promote broad prosperity, and restore fairness to the tax plan, Thompson voted for massive tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy. The new law already has Apple making plans to bring $250 billion they have overseas in tax havens home tax-free.

As for the claim it will create jobs — it’s false. Companies like Johnson & Johnson, on target to make $14 billion profit, already have the capital to create jobs without a tax cut.

Thompson claims he’s a fiscal conservative and in favor of reducing the debt. Yet when corporate America and the GOP pulled his strings, Thompson danced like Pinocchio, tossed aside his fiscal conservatism, and voted for a tax cut the Congressional Budget Office says increases the debt by about $1.5 trillion over the next decade.

Only 24 percent of Americans support this tax cut and nearly 70 percent believe it will not help the middle class. Yet, Thompson voted yes, proving once and for all his allegiance rests with corporate America and the GOP and not on the side of working families.

Wade Jodun, Mill Hall