Letters to the Editor

Risks to forestlands are real; have a plan

The 12/24 and 12/26 editions of the CDT had two good articles that at first glance may not seem but are ultimately related. Jason Nark (“State forest land imperiled as aging owners divide, sell”) described a demographic risk to our private forestlands while the 12/26 article expounded on the damage caused by the lanternfly.

The lanternfly is the latest in a long line biological risks impacting our forests. The emerald ash borer, gypsy moth and others have been doing so for years.

If you are a forestland owner, a plan is necessary if you wish to protect the value and health of your stand, regardless of its size. In today’s world, it is easy to find resources willing and able to provide information. Actually protecting your stand will require education, time and energy on your part.

Penn State and other universities offer landowner conferences several times each year. These are worthwhile events that allow you to gather a wide range of information. An internet search will allow you to find forestland conservation groups, consulting foresters and logging contractors. Before selecting any one or more of these groups to assist you, do your homework. All of these groups should have a portfolio of their work and be willing to arrange visits to their project sites.

The demographic and biological risks are both real, for the love of your forestland, make a plan!

Wes Miller, Millheim

The writer works in business development for AM Logging LLC.