Letters to the Editor

Vote for change, vote for Fridenberg

I have been a registered independent all my life. I have not felt the urge to change my voter registration. Until now. Because I want to “Vote Marc Fridenberg” in the primaries and in November. Why? Two words: “He cares.” He cares for the well-being and upliftment of each and every person living in Pennsylvania’s 5th Legislative District. Not corporations, not special interests, certainly not only his rich donors.

One cannot say the same about Glenn Thompson, who has been in Washington, D.C. for far too long. It is time to ask: Am I better off than when Thompson went to D.C? Are we better off as a district now than in 2009? Unfortunately, my answers are “most probably not.” So, do we want more of the same? I certainly do not. If you are doing fabulously better than when Thompson went to D.C., by all means vote for him. If not, you will perhaps join me in thinking that it is past time for a change. Especially since we have an honest, upright, and hardworking candidate in Fridenberg, who cares deeply.

As a colleague, I have seen Fridenberg care for each and every student who took his classes. I do not expect his character and integrity to change when Mr. Friedenberg goes to Washington. Fridenberg is a leader; he gets it done. He will work as tirelessly for PA-5 as he has for our college. Anyway, what do we have to lose?

Vote Marc Fridenberg! He cares.

Prasenjit Mitra, State College