Letters to the Editor

The future of the Clean Power Plan

We have caused all of warming of the climate overall, without our contributions as humans this period on Earth would be slowly cooling. The results are more flooding of lower areas, especially in low-lying cities located near the ocean as glaciers continue to melt. At the same time drought, more frequent hurricanes, more intense storms and more wildfires in drought areas will occur. Ocean acidification from carbon dioxide dissolving to form carbonic acid, and higher ocean temperatures are endangering ocean species survival. The Clean Power Plan is a part of an effort to curb this trend, which will only get worse unless we act worldwide.

The United States under Trump is now the only country not recognizing the peril of climate change nationally, pulling out of the Paris agreement. Our military does recognize the threat multiplier effect on conflicts around the world, and the threat to bases located around the world. Power plants are a chief source of carbon dioxide. The power plan would aid in reducing this by encouraging more renewable energy resources, and avoiding fossil fuels. Because of an ignorant and petulant president and an unthinking lap dog Congress, we need to get the states to individually adopt the Clean Power Plan. In addition we should continue to press for congressional action and the carbon fee and dividend plan is a good economic way to proceed, that might eventually convince our Republican Congress, so that is still worth pushing as well.

Doug Keith, State College