Letters to the Editor

In all opposition is yet common loyalty

As I stand in vigil against the injustice of the immigration policies of the Trump administration on Monday afternoons at the foot of the mall, it comes to me that we Democrats are becoming the party against Trump just as Republicans became the party against the Obama and Clinton network. The 1970’s movie had the crazed news announcer direct people to open their windows and shut their anger into the night air.

In the air now is disembodied rage and both parties are taking their definitions from it.

This need not be so. The Republicans are the party of business enterprise and freedom. The Democrats are the party of shared sacrifice, community and inclusion. These differences are real and should be fought in each election with the spirit of a well-played football game for victory.

But that being said, we must remember that in all opposition is yet common loyalty to America and the moral order of the gathering world. As Paul says — respond to evil not evil but with greater good.

Look up now to the shining sky. There it is written all men are brothers. We can celebrate that brotherhood — in joy.

John Harris, State College