Letters to the Editor

Why support Trump?

Donald Trump’s entire presidential life is based upon undoing significant Barack Obama accomplishments, therefore Trump is “owned” by Obama — give this some thought. Trump is totally dependent on Obama to manipulate his gullible supporters and we should all long for the days of Barack, Hillary and Saddam.

Trump is a documented liar, con man, adulterer, accused abuser of women, accused rapist, failed businessman, man of minimal intelligence and vocabulary, a lecher, is deeply involved with Russians and seems hell-bent on destroying our democracy. So why do GOP members of congress support him? Could they be kompromat and are being blackmailed by Putin and/or Trump? This makes more sense than they believe Trump will “MAGA.” Mueller’s first question of Michael Flynn should have been, what members of congress are kompromat and who is being blackmailed by Putin and/or Trump?

Russians compromised emails of GOPers but did not release them. It is reasonable to assume that Putin weaponized that email to manipulate GOPers to say and do weird things. A one-question lie detector test should be administered to every member of congress asking, are you being blackmailed/extorted by Trump and/or Putin?

Trump supporters should be pitied, but I hate that they gave us Trump. These people, the “deplorables,” should vote for the smart people (Democrats) next time. They should believe their own eyes and ears and not vote angry because they are not prepared for the new economy created by greedy conservative CEOs.

Walt Beatty, State College