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Letters: Fox News must reform its image; Pa. lawmakers should raise the minimum wage

Thousands protest for $15 minimum wage

Demonstrations involving fast-food, airport and hospital employees, among others, were organized in cities including New York, Detroit and Los Angeles.
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Demonstrations involving fast-food, airport and hospital employees, among others, were organized in cities including New York, Detroit and Los Angeles.

Fox News must reform its image

Jay Ambrose’s column “The need for Fox News in our country’s time of chaos,” proposes an idea comparable to telling residents of Houston during Hurricane Harvey, “We’re experiencing a lot of damage here. You know what we need more of? Wind and rain.”

Ambrose suggests that Fox News is necessary to counterbalance the leftist bias in the news media. How helpful is it, however, to respond to a liberal bias with blatant falsehoods? Politifact’s profile on Fox News ranks over a third (38 percent) of the network’s fact-checked statements as false. For centrist or left-leaning news consumers, the idea of Fox News bringing balance is like suggesting the introduction of feces to a cafeteria food fight levels the playing field.

Ambrose is correct in saying a functioning democracy needs “liberal and conservative politicians to fight off the worst of each other.” Charles Krauthammer provided intelligent and insightful conservative commentary. He won the admiration of listeners across the political spectrum because he demonstrated an enduring commitment to journalistic ethics and excellence.

Chris Wallace and Paul Gigot do provide necessary conservative contributions. Their impact, however, is undermined by the loss of Fox’s credibility among people who refuse to tune in to a channel that often appears to serve as a propaganda platform.

To truly benefit the country and increase the engagement of diverse and intelligent political opinions, Fox News must reform its image as a spin doctor for the inexcusable actions of the current administration, particularly the assault on truth.

Christina Taheri, State College

Pa. lawmakers: Raise the minimum wage

The Jan. 4 CDT had an article “What the lack of a minimum wage increase means for area families.”

The article describes how local residents who work jobs that pay minimum wage are falling further and further behind every year because the minimum wage hasn’t changed in years.

There’s an obvious solution: raise the minimum wage!

Unfortunately, Republican politicians who are paid to represent us are refusing to help. State Sen. Jake Corman, U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey, and congressmen Tom Marino and Glenn Thompson all continue to do nothing to help average working people.

Meanwhile, six states that surround Pennsylvania (NY, NJ, West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland and Ohio) all have higher minimum wages than we do. Residents of those states are better off than we are because their politicians have actually done something to help their residents.

At the national level, our Republican U.S. Senator and congresspeople could join with Democrats to raise the national minimum wage. But they refuse.

So, Mr. Corman, Toomey, Marino, and Thompson, I ask, “What’s wrong with you people? Have you no sense of decency or compassion for the residents of Pennsylvania?”

Robert Baillie, State College

The problem with President Trump’s unpreparedness

Words such as idiot, moron and criminal have been used to define our president but he can best be described as “un-presidential.” Another word also comes to my mind and it is “unprepared.” He was unprepared to become president and he has demonstrated that he does not have the ability to grow into the position.

The problem with his unpreparedness is that he cannot deal with standard duties except to apply his unique brand of ineptness. His ineptness has wreaked havoc on so many institutions on which Americans rely and so many norms that Americans and others admire.

What will happen to us when his considerable ineptness is applied to a non-standard event such as an attack by an adversarial nation or multiple adversarial nations conspiring against us militarily? The thought of our current president and his swamp creatures attempting to formulate a coordinated and cohesive response to such an event scares me and it should scare everyone.

Scare tactics are the currency of this administration and televangelists but our collective bums are hanging out the window right now. Given Russia’s infiltration into major computing networks, national infrastructure and likely the West Wing we are more vulnerable than I can remember.

We need intelligent well-intentioned leadership and we do not have it, so we must get it. How, by voting for the smart people in 2020 and replace everyone in the current administration, the GOP leadership and many, many Republican enablers of this president.

Walter J. Beatty, State College