Letters to the Editor

Letters: Public should have been alerted about shooter; the facts are on Pelosi’s side

Why no alert for active shooter?

Where was the alert about a shooter on the loose — armed, dangerous, a killer? Sounding an alarm for all to hear is basic, common sense, a must do. So who blew the basics and why? And what will be done about it? The old days of going silent about State College horrors are gone. That was then, this is now. So to all involved: Explain! We have a right to know.

Richard Virgil, State College

The facts are on Pelosi’s side

I almost always vote Democrat but my allegiance is to the United States of America so I started wondering whether Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic-controlled House are being unreasonable in standing firm against Trump’s wall. Then I remembered the admonishment attributed to pioneering TV detective, Joe Friday: “Just the facts, ma’am.” Well, the facts are on Pelosi’s side.

According to the Pew Research Center, the best numbers available, about half of the people in this country illegally entered with valid visas and have over-stayed them. Tourists, students, business and work visas. These are the best numbers available because DHS doesn’t have the ability to get a handle on the size of the problem. Why not throw a few billion at that “crisis”?

For crime, the far-from-liberal CATO Institute reports a Texas the criminal conviction rate per 1,000 US-born citizens at more than twice the rate for the undocumented. Could the reason be that Texas courts are soft on illegals? Yeah, sure. In addition, a study in the academic journal, “Criminology,” found crime rates go down as the concentration of illegal immigrants goes up. So much for the crime scare reason. So maybe the concern should be the 10-year-long decline in the number of illegal immigrants crossing the Mexico/US border.

For the record, TV’s Sgt. Joe Friday never said “Just the facts”. But he did occasionally say, “all we need are the facts” and sometimes, “all we know are the facts”. Wouldn’t he go crazy investigating the White House!

Ross Adams, Boalsburg

Township’s poor treatment of veterans

It is known throughout Penns Valley that the people in charge of the Miles Township Veterans Monument took it upon themselves to remove the star that denoted who were the real Vietnam veterans named on the monument. This leaves the unknowing to think those listed as Vietnam Era Veterans also served in Vietnam.

Just the other night on Fox News, they reported about a veteran attending a Martin Luther King rally and got into a confrontation. In a news interview he called himself a “Vietnam veteran.” He was later proved to be a “Vietnam era veteran.” All the national news agencies jumped on him for calling himself a Vietnam veteran. He was never in Vietnam. They even suggested it be investigated as “Stolen Valor “ case.

Just think if those same agencies would run a story about a township that removed all indicators that honored their own Vietnam Veterans and the fact that remaining donated money was moved to another project, and not retained for monument upkeep, and the person later lied about it. They would also love the fact that people who didn’t earn veteran status are also listed as Vietnam era veterans and should be listed as National Guard or Reserves because they were in the inactive service at the time What would the nation think if they knew how this township treats their veterans?

Cam Hironims, White Hall, Md.