Letters to the Editor

Letters: Winter weather is not a true emergency; Corman should speak up after shooting

Winter weather is not a true emergency

Twice in the past 10 days Governor Tom Wolf has used his power to declare a state of emergency during periods of winter weather. To be clear, the governor of Pennsylvania deems winter weather in Pennsylvania in January cause for action from his office. Apparently the governor believes Pennsylvanians are incapable of rational decision making on their own. Wolf made his fortune in the cabinet business. If lumber deliveries to the cabinet factory are delayed, or finished cabinets are a couple days late to the construction site, not a big deal. But what happens when food and fuel deliveries are interrupted, even temporarily? Shelves are stocked and tanks are filled by people performing work they take seriously, often contractually obligated to perform.

Citations have been issued to trucks picking up or delivering milk to processors. Governor Wolf appears unaware that capacities of holding tanks and udders is limited.

The governor’s power to declare a State of Emergency should be limited to actual emergencies, say perhaps a Canadian armada encroaching the Erie shore or an eruption at Blue Knob. A routine January snowstorm in Pennsylvania hardly qualifies.

Ron Reese, Worth Township

Rep. Borowicz should listen to redistricting reform concerns

A group of us representing the non-partisan Clinton County chapter of Fair Districts PA recently visited state Rep. Stephanie Borowicz. We outlined the group’s mission, including appointing an independent commission of citizens to draw up voting district maps. This would reduce gerrymandering which violates the Pa. Constitution, and is designed to rig votes toward certain politicians.

Every municipal official in Clinton County (and more than 50 percent in Centre County) signed resolutions favoring a Constitutional amendment to turn the mission into law.

Some misguided people believe redistricting reform is a “liberal” ideal, but both parties gerrymander. We asked Borowicz to join her colleagues by supporting a bipartisan bill for fair redistricting. She accused us of being “financially backed by Eric Holder.”

FD is an all-volunteer group funded by small donations from individuals of all parties. It doesn’t accept money from partisan organizations. It has no affiliation with Mr. Holder.

Borowicz added she doesn’t like “left-leaning groups.”

We attempted to correct these misconceptions, but were dismissed.

The majority of Pa. voters support redistricting reform, so it’s discouraging that folks working toward what’s fair for everyone are assigned a “derogatory” label.

We had hoped that our endeavor could help bridge the divide currently distressing so many citizens. Unfortunately, Borowicz couldn’t — or refused to — see the merits of that.

I remind readers that Rep. Borowicz won her seat by a slim majority. She’s supposed to work for us all, not for an extreme faction of her party.

Pamela LaRose, Lock Haven

Sen. Corman: Speak out after shooting

In response to a fatal hazing incident in his district, Senator Jake Corman took an aggressive and active role in addressing the issue. I hope he will show the same leadership in response to the shooting spree in our neighborhood. One killing occurred just a few blocks from my church. I’m worried that all we will get are the same old infuriating hand wringing and “thoughts and prayers” from public officials.

At Monday’s candlelight vigil I spoke with borough representative Jesse Barlow, and district attorney Bernie Cantorna, but not a single elected representative from the state was visible — at the vigil or subsequently in the press. Corman’s anti-hazing initiative is all over his web page, yet there isn’t a peep about the stunning killings that rocked our neighborhood and his district! I hope he will step up to address gun violence and lax oversight of gun possession.

It is an outrage that weapons and alcohol are allowed to mix. Strictly enforced prohibitions against carrying weapons into establishments serving liquor should be enacted and enforced. We are more concerned about drinking and driving than drinking and shooting.

Further the gun carrying permit process is a joke. Unlike driving, there is no requirement to demonstrate competence and control to carry a deadly weapon. Tighten up the weapons carrying regulations.

I’m begging Sen. Corman to step up and show the same concern and leadership over four people shot — three dead — as for the tragic death due to fraternity misbehavior.

Tobin Short, State College