Letters to the Editor

Letters: Thankful after tragedy; Sunday hunting is a property rights issue

Thankful after tragedy

When bad things happen, so many good things happen to replace the memories. As a result of the chaos and tragedy, so many positive things emerged.

Starting with the wonderful first responders: Ferguson Township State College and other police departments police that assisted, the 911 call-takers and dispatchers, and the EMS community who answered my call for help, rescued me and shielded me from the worst of it and left the “cleanest crime-scene” that my former-homicide detective son had ever seen.

I’m thankful for the kind hospitality of The Village, the Holiday Inn Express and Foxdale Village, who have sheltered me.

Then there’s the overwhelming support from the Knights of Columbus and Catholic Daughters, who stepped in to complete the garage sale.

Our Lady of Victory, Grace Lutheran and Faith United Methodist (Bellefonte) churches provided food and religious support.

Lezzer Lumber and Deer Country Construction Company put things on fast track to speed our door replacement and provided other kindnesses.

I’m also thankful for the love, prayers, flowers and cards from our many friends and neighbors through out the county who came to support us.

I am sure that I have missed naming many of your overwhelmingly gracious gestures, but know we are all grateful for every one.

Centre County, you are more than “Happy Valley.” You are a generous and loving and kind people.

Joann McCormick, State College

Sunday hunting is a property rights issue

I support Silvie Pomicter in her opposition to expanding hunting on Sundays.

Currently Sunday hunting is allowed for coyote, fox and crows. We do not need to expand such, in fact we need to restrict it.

I have followed this debate for so long I was wearing pager at the first Pa. House hearing I testified against the idea.

In that time numerous alternatives have been proposed, none of which has garnered much support beyond the die hard NRA members, the NRA being the primary force behind the idea. Repeated polls have shown that even hunters are split almost evenly on the idea.

The Pa. Farm Bureau is against it, because of the property rights infringements aspect. Yet the legislature keeps wasting time, money and other resources on the issue, as if it has nothing more pressing to handle.

Nothing about this idea works. It will not steady, let alone increase currently declining hunters numbers. In fact NY officials testified at the aforementioned hearing that such failed there.

How is it that our parents and grandparents had time to hunt six days a week, while so many today claim they can’t? Our ancestors worked in the mines, factories and farms which had much harsher schedules than today.

This is essentially a property rights issue, both private and public. Hunters, who are a shrinking minority, cannot be allowed to disrupt the rights of the growing majority, which is bad enough now, via such an expansion.

David Kveragas, Newton Township

Memorial Field renovation should happen ASAP

The article, “$10 million renovation could shut Memorial Field down for more than a year,” in Thursday’s CDT profiled a project on State College’s Memorial Field that could potentially cause the field to shut down for more than a year. There is an option to only renovate during the off-season for football, but that would result in a longer renovation period. The main concerns with Memorial Field are the sinkholes that are present and renovating several areas throughout the field, such as the audience stands.

This provides a predicament for the teams that use the field for their games, like the Little Lions. While it would be nice to work around the team’s schedule, that would make the construction go for a prolonged amount of time, which would not be ideal in the long run.

While these are necessary items to be fixed, I believe that it’s important to get the renovations done as soon as possible. There are alternate fields that the teams affected by this could practice on in the meantime. While it would be inconvenient, it seems it would be better to get these renovations done in a timely manner as to not affect the teams even longer.

Allison Magee, State College