Letters to the Editor

Letters: More transparency needed in Halfmoon Township; Trump is the real crisis

Act now to solve global poverty

Is the United States doing enough to help the world’s poor? Even though the average American believes that around 20 percent of the country’s federal budget is destined for foreign aid, the reality is much different. Out of almost $4 trillion, less than 1 percent actually goes to assisting the world’s poor. You may now wonder where all this money is going. More than $600 billion is spent in the military each year, according to The Borgen Project. This may come as a shock, especially considering that the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations lists the amount needed to end global poverty at $265 billion per year. If the American government invested a little over 1/3 of the money spent on the military, global poverty could end.

Even though the decision on where the federal budget is spent is not solely yours, you do have the power to contact the government and ask them to reconsider the percentage spent on foreign aid. So don’t hesitate to ask your senators to support the International Affairs Budget. The U.S. alone has the power to eliminate global poverty, so why not do it? Why isn’t this great country preventing 25 thousand children from dying each day from diseases there are already cures for? Why are we letting 1 billion people continue to survive without clean water, and 2.7 million newborns dying in their first month of life? Let’s act, and let’s act now!

Global poverty is not utopia. It is an issue that we can solve, and we can begin to solve it today.

Ana Luiza Clever Galvao, State College

More transparency needed in Halfmoon Township

In a recent CDT article, a Halfmoon Township supervisor was quoted as to insinuate that the township residents had shown little prior responsibility or interest in the matter before the supervisors concerning the DRI Application to expand the Regional Growth Boundary and Sewer Service area by approximately 935 acres into Halfmoon Township. Actually, it is not a lack of interest as much as it is a failure of the Halfmoon Township government to be transparent in its governance and proactive in keeping the residents meaningfully informed. On several occasions I have personally asked the township board and manager to inform residents before taking action that would impact the value, use or enjoyment of our properties. My requests have been rebuffed and I have been told that the cost of informing us would impact the budget or result in expenses or responsibility that they did not want to assume.

At the Feb. 14 meeting, residents suggested that the board and manager post an agenda for supervisor and important township meetings, with all supporting documents as attachments, on the township’s website and in township emails to those who have requested inclusion on the list. This would not be detrimental to the budget and if information is disseminated three days or more before meetings or anticipated actions are to occur, it would allow us time to review the information and change our schedules so that we can represent ourselves or contact the township government as we have desired.

Brenda Black, Port Matilda

Trump is the real crisis

President Trump has usurped the power of Congressional spending in declaring a “national emergency/crisis” at the southern border. We all know there is no crisis, except that of his own making.

The crisis is Trump, plain and simple. He cannot get his border wall any other way, a wall that is ineffective, to say the least, so he’s more than willing to usurp the purse strings that Congress alone holds.

No one, except his most ardent supporters, who are fewer in number every day, and most assuredly not the majority of the US citizens, believe this wall is warranted.

He needs to be stopped by any legal means necessary. I am calling on Senator Casey, Senator Toomey, and Rep. Thompson to take action.

Connie Lazenby, Pleasant Gap