Letters to the Editor

Letters: Pennsylvania ‘a world capital of rape’; Penn State throwing money around

Scarnati’s protests ring hollow

I guess we should probably applaud the Catholic Church for its decision to “laicize” Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, and thereby end its responsibility for another of its on-staff child molesters. But here in Pennsylvania, the church’s gesture, while long overdue, rings a little hollow.

Pennsylvania is famous the world over as a sort of Ground Zero for child abuse by priests, a world capital of rape. Our status is partly the result of our flat refusal to enact legislation enabling additional retroactive prosecution of child molesters. And it’s a reputation we’re likely to enjoy for some time, thanks to the tireless efforts of one solitary rogue lawmaker.

State Sen. Joe. Scarnati continues to protest with studied indignity the suggestion that he aligns Pennsylvania’s legislative policy with the church, and stands with child molesters. Scarnati loudly claims to have proposed reasonable alternatives to retroactivity, alternatives which still allow admitted rapists to walk free.

In reality, Scarnati does a lot more: In refusing as Senate president pro tempore to allow liability to go before the Senate for a vote, Scarnati single-handedly steals due process from Pennsylvania’s citizens, and simultaneously robs voters of the democratic process.

Perhaps as the church again wipes its dirty hands of the whole matter, the newly minted Mr. McCarrick can find sanctuary in Pennsylvania, as other child molesters have. Maybe Joe Scarnati himself has a position open on his campaign staff for a disgraced former cardinal who once stalked the corridors of power in another venerable institution.

Scarnati stands for re-election in 2020.

Carl Schultz, Johnstown

Congress ignoring duty

As the daughter of a legal immigrant, I openly rebuke Congress for its lack of action for safe and effective border security, and its sanction of illegal immigration, which breeds disease, poverty, crime, drugs and terrorism. Human trafficking (a lucrative business for many in an out of government) should be a concern for all, as well as illegal voting. Americans cannot afford the social and economical cost of illegal immigration. People on both sides of the border suffer and would benefit if Congress did its job!

Enemies of the United States, within and without the government-media complex, stir up strife and division with hate speech toward President Trump and his views on this national emergency. It is used to divert attention away from the dangerous and despicable people using it for votes.

Immigration is foremost about national security. First duty of government is to protect its citizens. Robust border security is good common sense for all. Immigrants should be rigorously vetted to enter the United States legally and safely. Concern for border security and the health and welfare of all should be a priority to Congress. Congress shamefully ignores this responsibility!

Congress does not represent me and many other Americans. I fervently disagree with Congress! My stance is that immigration should be lawful and, therefore, beneficial for all.

I support President Trump and tough legitimate border security. Borders, language (English) and culture define this nation, a nation of legal immigrants. These are necessary for America to survive and thrive!

Katie Biega, Pine Grove Mills

Remember Penn State’s spending

The PSU Board of Trustees gave the athletic director a splendid increase in her contract rate. She now will be receiving over $23,000 per week. The university cannot be serious about trying to keep tuition rates low when money is irresponsibly thrown around like this. Remember this the next time the university is sniffing around for contributions.

Joseph C. Korsak, State College