Letters to the Editor

Letters: How to help Camp Golden Pond; Behring would bring collaborative approach

Your camp needs your help

On Saturday, April 5th, over 30 volunteers from throughout the area gathered at Camp Golden Pond to begin reopening the camp for the summer. Camp Golden Pond represents 30 years and tens of millions of dollars of community money and countless volunteer hours. This camp was not built using corporate profits or investor money, but through the love and dedication of our community. This camp is your camp. You paid for it. You built it. You have spent 30 years taking care of it. It is open for your use and we intend to keep it that way.

Friends of Golden Pond is committed to honoring that legacy, but we need your help once again. Twice now this community has rallied around this camp. The first time, you invested the equivalent of over $10 million of today’s dollars to build it. The second time, you built Legacy Lodge to honor the commitment and generosity of this community. Now, we need but a fraction of what has already been spent to secure the camp so that our children will be able to enjoy this community resource.

We hope to see you at our open house on May 11th to enjoy a fun afternoon on Lake Louise and see the legacy that this community has built. For more information visit www.friendsofgoldenpond.org.

Megan Roberts, Boalsburg. The author is the president of Friends of Golden Pond.

Behring’s collaborative approach will benefit council

I am writing to encourage the Centre Daily Times readership to support Dr. Deanna Behring for State College Borough Council in the upcoming May 21st primary election. As Assistant Dean for International Programs in the College of Agricultural Sciences, Dr. Behring has fostered one of the most student-oriented offices on campus. The courses offered, the study abroad experiences created, and the student scholarship funding raised in her office has made a huge difference in the lives of many students, myself included. The International Programs Office has always been among the most welcoming and inclusive environment I experience on campus; it is incredibly easy to walk in and feel at home. I trust Dr. Behring to maintain a similar attitude of transparency and friendliness should she represent the borough. Dr. Behring is a great listener and is always willing to evaluate challenges to find solutions and offer advice. Anyone who knows Dr. Behring will attest that she values the student perspective and will represent student interests on the council. It is exciting to see someone with such a high opinion of the Penn State student body potentially representing them in an important way. I am eager to see someone with such a demonstrated collaborative approach to her work representing the State College Borough Council.

Kurtis Miller, State College