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Letters: Graham Spanier to head to jail ‘unjustly’; Words don’t hide reality of abortion

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Spanier to head to jail ‘unjustly’

Graham Spanier is about to go to jail unjustly. I attended his trial, and I would like to correct a mistake that the news media has made consistently. Gary Schultz and Tim Curley testified at Spanier’s trial, but I believe they testified truthfully and exonerated him. Let’s hope the federal courts overturn Spanier’s misdemeanor conviction.

I want to send Spanier off with some memories of his extraordinary 16 years of leadership. His priority was to make Penn State the “top student-centered research university in America.” He cared for students and was even seen lugging suitcases on move-in day. He led national efforts to combat binge drinking, started HUB Late Night, and began a nationwide newspaper readership program.

The Schreyer Honors College, the College of Information and Technology and the World Campus were his creations. He oversaw the construction of some 100 buildings and led two capital campaigns, raising $3.5 billion in his more than 16 years as president. He brought the Dickinson School of Law into the Penn State family and created the School of International Affairs.

He was lauded for his efforts on behalf of national security and law enforcement. This is a man who has repeatedly said to friends, “I would rather spend time in jail than confess to something I didn’t do.” We should be saying, “Thank you, Graham Spanier, for your leadership and integrity, and for all you have done for us. We wish you well.”

Helen Manful, State College

Words don’t hide reality of abortion

I am writing in response to Gail Collins’ lengthy column, “States push for no choice,” in the April 19 CDT. Despite her many words on the subject of abortion, Ms. Collins never once addresses the heart of the issue — does abortion involve the taking of an innocent life? If lives are at stake, than all of her statements and claims are simply beside the point. Just because an unborn baby differs in size, level of development, habitat, or degree of dependency from other people you know — does that mean that child lacks humanity? Every abortion takes an innocent human life, despite all the many words that people write to confuse the issue.

Amy Rothrock, State College

Support the incumbents in PSU trustees election

The election of Penn State trustees by the alumni now approaches the final week of voting. I strongly support the incumbents: Bill Oldsey, Barbara Doran and Ted Brown. These three individuals have applied their professional credentials to matters of crucial importance for the success of our university, including affordability and access, risk management and crisis preparedness, Greek life, the health of our Commonwealth campuses, and sound fiscal stewardship. All three have worked effectively with colleagues on the board to promote Penn State’s interests. It is important to support these incumbents because Penn State is a large, complex institution and board service has a steep learning curve. Let’s keep this expertise on the board. Experience matters! Please vote, and encourage others to vote. If you need to request a ballot, call VoteNet: 866-307-0041

Helen Woodyard, Hickory, NC