Letters to the Editor

Letters: Elect the candidate who will protect health care; Exarchos is the clear choice for commissioner

Editor’s note: The Centre Daily Times welcomes letters endorsing candidates in the May 21 election and will accept letters that are received by May 5. Election letters will be published through May 15. Letters are subject to editing, must be based on facts and should avoid attacks on other candidates. The CDT also invites candidates to submit letters outlining their positions; the same deadlines and parameters exist, though we will run candidates’ letters on the Sunday before the election. Letters of 250 words or fewer can be sent to cdtletters@centredaily.com.

Elect the candidate who will protect health care in Congress

Trump has abandoned his latest attempt to get rid of Obamacare. For now. Until after the election, the Republicans tell him.

If it were not because they realize that it is now political suicide, the Republicans would only be too happy to aid and abet him in the attempt. They will try again and again.

And if they succeed, where will the people who lose their coverage go? How will those with pre-existing conditions manage? Are they supposed to just die and stop being a burden to able-bodied people?

No one’s health care is safe with so many Republicans in Congress. That’s why we need to elect those who seek to protect and improve our health care, not tear it down.

There is one candidate now who does want to protect and improve it. His name is Marc Friedenberg. He is seeking to fill the seat vacated by Tom Marino in Pennsylvania’s 12th District.

This special election will be held on May 21st, which is also Primary Day in Pennsylvania. The Congressional race will be at the top of the ballot — and Independents, Democrats, Republicans and those with no party affiliation at all can vote in this special election!

Don’t sit this one out! Protect your health care by voting for Marc Friedenberg on May 21st.

Adriana Pena, State College

Peter Marshall is the experienced candidate for Borough Council

State College has the opportunity to greatly upgrade its Borough Council by nominating and electing Peter Marshall for councilman in the upcoming election.

As you may recall, Peter was a very successful State College Borough Manager for 17 years in the ‘90s and ‘00s. He was highly regarded by council members at that time. He came to us with an advanced degree from Wharton and 23 years of prior experience as manager in several other small towns and cities. Since retiring from State College Boro, he has continued to live in the region, and has become a “consulting” manager for many cities and served as temporary manager in quite a few. He continues to be very active and energetic at this work, and he certainly has far more city government experience than anyone else on the ballot.

Peter is currently my next door neighbor. He is a very friendly guy, and an optimistic person who works at getting things done in the best possible way. He wants State College to be a welcoming friendly community with an efficient effective government. And he has the cutest dog in the neighborhood!

If you are registered as a Democrat, vote for Peter Marshall on May 21. If you are a Republican, write in his name — Marshall with two “L’s.”

Arthur W. Rose, State College

Exarchos is the clear choice for county commissioner

If you are tired of watching politicians mismanage government, if you are tired of politicians promising the world and delivering little, this Centre County Board of Commissioners race offers a unique opportunity to elect an effective manager who delivers on what he says. On May 21st in the Republican primary, vote for Chris Exarchos. He’s definitely not a politician, but he is an effective and compassionate manager. We need Chris Exarchos as County Commissioner.

Allen Rex Mattern, Bellefonte