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Letters: State College protesters should have been arrested; Write-in candidate outlines goals

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Write-in candidate outlines goals

I’m running a write-in campaign for State College Borough Council. I’m not affiliated with any political party, but primary voters who are registered with a party can write my name on the ballot on May 21, and any voter can write my name on the Nov. 5 ballot.

If elected, my goals include the following: promote the economic interests and small town/rural community values of families who actually live and work on their property; demote the economic interests and profiteering/sprawl/urbanization values of land speculators and general contractors; promote urban farms, orchards and in-home food processing businesses; promote population-neutral zoning; impose a State College Right to Know Law and a State College Ethics Act on Penn State, which is almost entirely exempt from the state versions of both laws; negotiate a fair PILOT agreement between Penn State and the Borough as the 2004 agreement expires in 2024; update the regional Act 537 Plan governing sewage management; withdraw State College from the Centre Region Council of Governments; and merge the private Penn State police force with the public State College police department to create a single jurisdiction for law enforcement.

For more information, please see my campaign page at bailiwicknews.com/2019-borough-council-campaign/.

Katherine Watt, State College

State College protesters should have been arrested

An April 9 Centre Daily Times article with embedded video reveals two objectionable actions by State College Borough Council President Evan Myers.

The first is his mention of racism as one factor that must be considered as members of this community anguish over the tragic death of Osaze Osagie on March 20. An assumption that racism is a significant factor when blacks are shot by white police officers is the default mind set of many liberals. It’s a prejudicial, contemptible mindset because it displaces a much more plausible explanation, i.e., officers shoot in self defense to avoid being injured or killed by a person they perceive as a mortal threat. CDT reporting on the Osagie case leads me to believe that’s what happened on March 20.

Mr. Myers’ second objectionable action was to adjourn the meeting when the protestors’ unwillingness to cooperate became clear. He should have called the State College Police Department, which is in the same building as the Council meetings. The protestors should have been arrested in the meeting room and charged with disorderly conduct. Instead they were allowed to leave the building without being identified and, as far as I’m aware, they remain anonymous. I’d bet they’re probably emboldened by the lack of legal repercussions for their unlawful disruption of the meeting. I won’t be surprised if they and like-minded others resort to violence if District Attorney Cantorna completes his review of the Osagie case and announces a conclusion that’s not what they hope for.

Phil Edmunds, Boalsburg

Exarchos would bring responsible, competent management

Centre County Republican voters have the opportunity vote for competency in this years primary. Chris Exarchos has served with distinction as County Commissioner in the past. In fact during his tenure as Commissioner, Centre County Government experienced no tax increases and a healthy reserve fund, while dealing with unprecedented growth.

I will be voting for responsible, competent management of Centre County. I will be voting for Chris Exarchos.

Ron Reese, Port Matilda