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Letters: Many reasons to vote for Friedenberg; State College Choral Society put on great show

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Love can counteract rage

In this gigantic stressful age, white rage is two steps from each of us — there furious like the teeth in Tyrannosaurus’ jaw.

But there is an antidote.

And it is human comity there between us in kindness. Not long ago, kings in great families settled the issues of war and peace, and because their families were interlocked they kept slaughter between them in check.

This comity as familial concord between crown heads continues in great statesmen today. Gorbachev and President George H. W. Bush brought the Cold War to a peaceful end despite popular resistance in both counties — this because of the humane accord that had developed between them, over the years.

This comity is not in each of our hands as the world comes together. There is a stranger in our midst. Will we open our hearts to him and share our common world?

Yes, rage now is two steps away from each of us. But in another dimension and but one step away there is great love.

John Harris, State College

Many reasons to vote for Friedenberg

The U.S. House of Representatives is in the unusual situation of having two vacancies out of 435 seats. One seat, from North Carolina, stems from the Nov. 18 result being overturned because of fraud perpetrated by the Republican Party. The other vacancy lies in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District.

Here, Republican Tom Marino resigned his seat just two weeks into his term, withdrawing to search for a job in the private sector. This open seat will be go to the winner of the May 21st special election, which is primary election day here in Pennsylvania.

Competing for this seat are Democrat Marc Friedenberg and Republican Fred Keller.

Friedenberg is a Penn State faculty member specializing in cyber security and health care. As thoroughly documented in the Mueller Report, Russian intrusion in the 2016 election helped to support Trump’s election. Congress needs expertise like Marc’s to help prevent such interventions. Health care is cited in most polls as the most important issue to voters, with the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) surviving Republican challenge thanks to the heroic vote of the late John McCain; every vote is needed to ensure and improve such health protection. The specific problem of opioid addiction is another focus of the Friedenberg campaign, advocating protection from predatory medical practitioners and pharmaceutical industries. A third focus is increased access to high-speed internet, without which rural communities and small towns cannot play a role in the high-tech economy necessary for our nation’s future.

So many reasons to vote for Marc Friedenberg!

Margie Swoboda, Julian

State College Choral Society put on delightful concert

A note of thanks to the Centre Region for your support of the State College Choral Society’s concert of Mendelssohn’s “Elijah” on April 28. I traveled from West Virginia to hear the performance and was delighted with everything, from the witty and informative pre-concert lecture by former director, Dr. D. Douglas Miller, to the impeccable musical performance under the baton of Dr. Russ Shelley, current director. A novel and well-received bonus was having the Master Singers from State College Area High School join in the work. Kudos, too, to the Pennsylvania Chamber Orchestra for the wonderful instrumental accompaniment, and to the superb soloists for their beautifully competent work in presenting this oratorio. Good job all around!

Gary Penkala, Charles Town, West Virginia