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Letters: Funding for tobacco control programs is at risk; Barlowe, Behring stand out among Borough Council candidates

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Funding for tobacco control programs is at risk

Smoking is the number one cause of preventable death in Pennsylvania and across our country. Almost 28 percent of Pennsylvania’s cancer deaths are attributed to smoking. The Tobacco Prevention Programs of Pennsylvania work to help smokers quit and to help non-smokers never start. It has been demonstrated that a strong tobacco control program is one of the most important steps to help address the deadly smoking issue. Volunteers from the American Cancer Society along with other cancer survivors and advocates have recently taken that message to our state lawmakers in Harrisburg.

The funding for these programs is at risk. I along with over 100 volunteers with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) have asked lawmakers to maintain funding for Pennsylvania’s Tobacco Control Programs. As a medical oncologist I see it as a priority for the legislature to act as soon as possible. Supporting appropriate funding for tobacco prevention and cessation resources is a significant step to save lives and protect health.

All of us have powerful stories of how cancer has dramatically touched us. We ask Senator Corman to please listen to our message and protect these crucial programs.

Ed Balaban, State College

Barlowe, Behring stand out among Borough Council candidates

State College Borough residents have an exciting local primary coming up. While there are several good Democratic candidates, Jesse Barlowe and Deanna Behring stand out to me.

For the last three and a half years, I have worked alongside Barlowe in the Council of Governments. Barlowe is extremely thoughtful and passionate about this community and works so that it can thrive. He has a vision of a modern, inclusive and sustainable community that maintains mom-and-pop business and strong neighborhoods while it also faces infrastructure challenges and changing demographics.

Deanna Behring is a newcomer to local politics. But she has deep experience that matters. She and her family are committed to education and local conservation. Additionally, before she came to the area, she worked in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy as the assistant director for international affairs.

Both Barlowe and Behring also value science and our generations’ legacy to our children and the web of life. Barlowe is proving it by introducing legislation to move the Borough to act on a positive solutions-oriented path to take on climate change at the local level. Having spoken with Behring, I know that she wants our region to become a state leader in renewable energy, green buildings, and a vital climate-smart economy. Together, they will do great things.

Peter Buckland, Ferguson Township. The author is a Ferguson Township supervisor.

Thank you for great care

On Sunday morning, I was admitted into Mt. Nittany Hospital through the emergency room for an overnight stay.

The care I received was outstanding.

Our community is so fortunate to have a health care facility which goes above and beyond normal.

I would like to pass on my heartfelt thank to all of the hospital nurses, doctors and staff. A special thanks the nurses and doctor on the second floor, room 275: Chelsea, Morgan, Amber and Dr. Thomas.

May God Bless.

Paul D. Larson, Centre Hall