Letters to the Editor

Letters: Current SCASD board members should be re-elected; Wedler would put experience to work

Wedler would put experience to work as county commissioner

A recent article in the CDT described the responses of local candidates to the various taxation alternatives under discussion in the State College Borough. While surveying candidates to have them select from a menu of options may seem helpful, that reveals nothing more than an opinion of the candidate at a point in time.

One candidate for county commissioner, Vicki Wedler, provided a more robust and thoughtful response to the Coalition of State College Neighborhood Associations.

Vicki was the first woman elected as a county commissioner. After serving 10 years as county administrator, she served three four-year terms as a commissioner. Following 22 years in county government, Vicki built a successful business as a licensed real estate agent.

It is precisely because of the important issues such as taxation that Vicki Wedler feels called to serve again as county commissioner. Her experience in government and business have taught her that the same crucial skills are needed. Vicki is an effective listener, a relentless researcher and a highly capable negotiator.

Instead of using “pressure,” Vicki employs collaboration. That was the hallmark of her prior service as a commissioner.

We would best be served with her as one of our county commissioners. I urge registered Republicans to vote for her in the primary election on May 21.

Russell Brooks, Centre Hall

Current SCASD board members should be re-elected

In the May primary election, six candidates are running for five seats on the State College Area School District Board of Directors. I urge you to vote for current board members Amy Dixon Bader, Gretchen Brandt, Amber Concepcion, Daniel Duffy and Laurel Zydney. The difference between these candidates and the sixth candidate, Todd Baney, is stark. The first five candidates believe in scientific research, the teaching of sound science in our schools, and environmentally responsible practices, particularly in light of climate change that will irrevocably shape the world our children inherit. These candidates have signed the Next Generation Science Standards, which emphasize climate and environmental science. By contrast, Baney has publicly stated that he does not believe in climate change. The first five candidates also support school district efforts to ensure inclusion of LGBTQ students, a group that disproportionately struggles with mental health. Baney’s public views on this issue were quoted in the Oct. 12, 1992 Daily Collegian. Finally, we need school board members who are able to listen, communicate respectfully, and consider multiple perspectives. The first five candidates have a strong record of being accessible for questions and discussion. They exhibit the qualities of civil, respectful communication that I expect in a school board member and public servant. In conclusion, Bader, Brandt, Concepcion, Duffy and Zydney are highly qualified to implement and expand the district’s science-based curriculum, to strengthen policies that support students who feel like they don’t matter, and to communicate with teachers, staff, students and the public in open, respectful ways.

Esther Prins, State College