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Letters: Engeman’s dedication as Borough Council member is clear; Look to Friedenberg to fix the mess

Trump says GOP ‘defied history’ in 2018 midterm election

President Donald Trump expressed optimism about his party's electoral successes in the 2018 midterm elections during a post-election press conference on Nov. 7, 2018 at the White House.
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President Donald Trump expressed optimism about his party's electoral successes in the 2018 midterm elections during a post-election press conference on Nov. 7, 2018 at the White House.

Engeman’s dedication as Borough Council member is clear

Please join me in re-electing Janet Engeman for State College Borough Council. As a native of Centre County, Janet’s dedication to the local community is evident through her enduring civic engagement. Janet is a strong proponent of safe, walkable and diverse communities, affordable housing, maintenance of the regional growth boundary, and environmental quality particularly with respect to the sustainability of clean water and air resources.

Janet is the type of Borough Council member the community needs. She will continue to work hard to support the preservation of the quality of life in the Borough and its neighborhoods, while encouraging collaboration and transparency.

Please vote for Janet Engeman for State College Borough Council.

Mark D. Huncik, State College

Wedler works for all residents

We are writing in support of Vicki Wedler for Centre County Commissioner. Being from Milesburg, we know Vicki as our hometown girl. We can speak to her character and respected reputation. As fellow members of the Milesburg Baptist Church, she taught a Sunday School class, was a Den Mother to a Cub Scout Troop, and is now a loving mother and grandmother. We have also had the good fortune of having had her serve tirelessly as our realtor. It doesn’t matter if you are a blue-collar worker, a white-collar worker, or a no-collar worker, she will listen with compassion and caring. The listening, communication, research and negotiating skills we saw her employ on our behalf will also serve others in the community should you have any issues to bring before her as County Commissioner. Please join us in voting for Vicki Wedler for commissioner on May 21.

Bob and Donna Miller, Milesburg

Look to Marc Friedenberg to fix the mess

In the special Congressional election on May 21, please vote for Marc Friedenberg, a smart, responsive candidate who will put Washington to work for us. Two years ago, Marc began organizing town halls attended by hundreds of people. The message was clear: protect health care, act on climate change, and respond to constituents.

Marc responds; he will be a great US representative. He has built his campaign with offices all over the district, organizing a small army of volunteers. He is out there every day, meeting folks from central Pa. And we have never needed a hard-working representative like Marc Friedenberg so badly.

The new Republicans have us living in la-la-land. Fortune magazine reports that the budget deficit is on track to reach 1.4 trillion dollars in 2019. That means the entire Pentagon budget (just under 700 billion) would fit into the deficit – twice!

I remember when the old-school Republicans were the party of fiscal responsibility, but now we need to look to Democrats like Marc to make wealthy corporations pay their fair share.

The new Republicans deny the science of climate change, and are removing protections on our clean air and water. Old-school Republicans founded the EPA, and it was under Republican President George H.W. Bush that we entered into an international treaty to respond to climate change in 1992.

We must look to Democrats to fix this mess, and there’s none better than Marc Friedenberg for the job.

Jonathan Brockopp, State College

Take an active role to dispel hate

We continue to be shocked and saddened by the assaults on various religious sites, people and their behaviors and values. But is our outrage really of any lasting value? How many Muslims, Jews and African Americans killed, injured, or attacked will it take before most white Christians do more than bemoan these hideous attacks? Can we call on ourselves, our neighbors and especially our Christian pastors and leaders to speak out more often and regularly? Will you hear in your church this week, more than a brief prayer or statement of concern? What actions is your church taking to prevent such horrific, unjustified attitudes and actions? What are you doing to act, regularly, to lead to a better direction and be a voice of compassion and understanding? Acceptance of differences isn’t enough; have you studied perspectives different than your own? Can you explain what we have in common as human beings, regardless of how we worship, our nationalities or the color of our skin? Do you seek friends and colleagues of other persuasions? What are your children and grandchildren seeing ... the hate for others – do you help them see a better way? Do you talk to them — or others — about these issues? We all can be proactive, as we believe, to dispel hate and its resulting actions. Thanks to those who are already reaching for solutions; perhaps more of us can become more active!

Judith Swisher, State College

Republicans have great candidates to support for Superior Court

In this year’s race for Superior Court, Republicans who are upset over the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s recent drift into judicial activism cannot sit on the sidelines.

From political decisions that cost our party Congressional seats to now wading into education funding, the lack of Republican involvement in electing justices to our Supreme Court has paid dividends for the Democrats.

Thankfully, Republicans have great candidates they can support in the upcoming May 21st primary election: Cumberland County Judge Christylee Peck and Chester County Deputy DA Megan McCarthy King.

Many people might not know that over 95 percent of all cases end at the Superior Court. If judicial activism is to play role in the future of Pennsylvania law and jurisprudence, it would be by electing those to the court that lack appropriate temperament and judicial philosophy.

Judge Peck and Deputy DA King have spent their careers standing up for the rule of law, giving a voice to the voiceless, and ensuring the law is applied fairly and equally. From everything I have seen about their campaign, what they have said in interviews, and their wealth of experience, I firmly believe they will mete out justice appropriately on the Superior Court.

Republicans that care about the future of the courts in Pennsylvania, having a good bench for future judicial elections, and ensuring that most cases are decided by conservative and prudent judges should vote for Judge Christylee Peck and Deputy DA Megan McCarthy King on May 21st.

Steven Miller, Bellefonte

Peter Marshall would be positive addition to Borough Council

I am writing in support of Peter Marshall’s candidacy for State College Borough Council. I have known Peter and have served with him as a volunteer for a number of years. I have found Peter to be honest, thoughtful and candid. Peter is the most experienced of the candidates. He has managed municipalities for many years, including 17 years as the Borough Manager of State College. He is an expert at municipal finance and the delivery of municipal services. Peter would be a positive addition to the Borough Council. I urge you to vote for Peter Marshall in the May 21 primary election.

John Homan, State College