Letters to the Editor

Letters: Hardworking David Brown should be re-elected; Elections have consequences

Deanna Behring knows State College and its residents

I have been fortunate enough to grow up with Deanna Behring as my role model and mom, and I couldn’t be more excited that she is running for a position on the State College Borough Council.

Deanna’s hard work, selflessness, and commitment to improve any situation brightens every day. She is the strongest, kindest, most patient person I know, and I can’t express how much I appreciate the balance she has found in supporting and guiding me while giving me the opportunity to be independent and follow my dreams. I have seen her provide the same encouragement to my friends, family, and anyone that works with her.

My mom’s ability to facilitate dialogue and change in both personal and professional settings will make her successful in listening to and empowering State College residents in order to make positive change together.

State College has been my home for most of my life, and my parents chose to come here to raise our family. My mom knows the value of this town and its residents, and I have no doubt in my mind that Deanna Behring will work to represent State College residents fairly and accurately, making her a fantastic councilwoman.

Gillian Warner, State College

Exarchos lost previous election for a reason

Nothing happens in a vacuum. Republican Rick Santorum lost his US Senate seat for a reason. Republican Tom Corbett lost his second gubernatorial bid for a reason. Former eight-year College Township Council member, two term county commissioner and non-“career politician” Chris Exarchos lost his third attempt as commissioner for a reason. Don’t forget that, Centre County.

Joseph Horvath, State College

Elections have consequences

Elections have consequences. Trump won in 2016 and thus his appointments of cabinet members, judgeships, and Supreme Court are his prerogative. Approval by the Senate is required, yet with Republican control there, little opposition can be expected. Additionally, the President has the power to decree executive orders, his cabinet officials can change some regulations. Democrats can object, yet they are unable to exert their desires in most instances.

Correspondingly, the 2018 midterm elections come with consequences, too. The now Democratic House of Representatives has the power and responsibility to conduct oversight over the executive branch of government, as stated in our Constitution. Although the President and his Republican allies may object vociferously, it is the prerogative of the House Democrats to hold hearings and access documents. There is some room for refusal for Executive Privilege, yet the President’s stonewalling goes far beyond that. There can be no doubt that Trump is doing that.

Elections have consequences. If the Democrats are overzealous and reach too far, they run the risk of losing the House and not gaining the Senate or the Presidency in 2020. The Republican base and the “sitting on the fence” voters will most likely side against their partisan one-sidedness. If, on the other hand the President and his Republican supporters in Congress do not cooperate at the minimalist level with these oversight efforts (even if begrudgingly), their defiance to the rule of law expressed in our Constitution most likely will result in the Democrats winning big in 2020.

Roy Sletson, State College

Hardworking David Brown should be re-elected

An important election is scheduled for May 21. If you’re a registered Democrat in the Borough of State College, this is your chance to help select members of the State College Borough Council. Among the candidates is Councilman David J. Brown who is running for a second term. David is a long-time resident of State College who has worked here and raised his two daughters here with his wife Laura. He wants to maintain State College and its neighborhoods as an outstanding place in which to “live, work, play and raise a family.” He’s committed to expanding affordable housing, safety nets and shelters for the homeless and to creating a “climate of social justice and inclusion for all.” David is someone who does his homework to ensure he is knowledgeable about issues that will come before the council. He is hardworking, fair-minded and committed to doing what is best of his hometown. Mid-term elections often are decided by a small percentage of eligible voters. For that reason, your vote really matters. You can vote for four of the seven candidates running for State College Borough on the Democrat ballot. I hope you will join me in casting one of those votes for David J. Brown.

Deborah Klevans, State College

Pipe, Higgins and Friedenberg deserve our support

Primary voting on May 21st gives us unique opportunities in county and state elections to raise the ceiling on our quality of life.

Centre County has prospered under the leadership of Mike Pipe and Mark Higgins and is safer with an expanded first responder training center and a federal grant to fund a drug treatment center. Centre County has 200 new voting machines with voter-verifiable paper ballots and $1.8 million available in community block grants supporting projects like housing rehabilitation, public services and infrastructure. A majority of structurally deficient local bridges have funding for repairs. There have been no property tax increases in the last four years, while staffing at the Veterans Affairs Office has increased by 50%.

Uniquely, we have a new 12th Congressional district (CD 12) created to counteract the illegal gerrymandering of the previous decade. Candidate Marc Friedenberg has presented himself as a clear choice. Fearless, thoughtful, and courageous Marc had solutions for Pennsylvania’s problems in last Tuesday’s debate, while the opposing candidate scrambled to pretend that he is capable. Fred Keller spent years in the Pennsylvania General Assembly, but showed no leadership and arrogantly did what he was told to do in order to maintain existing power — a lethargic and obsolete conservative control in Harrisburg.

A true patriot questions what is right and wrong with our government and offers solutions.

I urge everyone to vote on May 21st. Mike Pipe, Mark Higgins and Marc Friedenberg deserve our support.

Nancy F Parks, Aaronsburg

Vicki Wedler is an accessible, approachable candidate

Please consider voting for Vicki Wedler for Centre County Commissioner in the primary on May 21st. Vicki served as a one of our Commissioners for 12 years in the past and would be a great addition to our county government for the future. As part of the Bellefonte Relay For Life Committee, I have seen how Vicki has supported the relay since it was started in 1995 in honor of her husband, Fred Wedler, who passed away from cancer in December 1994. She has always been accessible, approachable and willing to help where needed. With the growth of Centre County, we need Vicki Wedler as one of our Centre County Commissioners.

Gail Miller, Julian

Exarchos has the management experience needed for commissioner

Centre County Government manages an $80 million budget and has 500 employees. We need commissioners with management experience. Chris Exarchos, a successful small business owner and proven government managerial experience having served two terms as Centre County Commissioner, is best suited to be our County Commissioner. Join me in voting for Chris Exarchos in May 21 Republican primary.

Bud Graham, Boalsburg