Letters to the Editor

Letters: 2020 election will be most important of our lifetime; Voters should give David J. Brown a second term

2020 election will be the most important of our lifetime

What has happened to the Republican Party? There used to be pride in the GOP. Since President Donald Trump took office, the Republicans have lost their identity due to the failed policies of the Trump administration. Republicans need to unite with Democrats and force out Trump through the impeachment process.

It is a fact that Trump obstructed justice by firing James Comey, among other violations of the law. Special Council Mueller refused to exonerate Trump. Attorney General William Barr was not justified in clearing Trump of the charge. Trump needs to be indicted ASAP for the good of the country.

If there are not enough votes for impeachment and he remains in office through his term of office, then for the sake of the country, Republicans need to become Democrats or vote for the Democratic candidate in the 2020 general election.

America has lost respect among our allies. Treaties have been broken under Trump, such as the Paris Accord and need to be restored by the next President.

How much more evidence is necessary for voters to realize that this country cannot afford another four years of Trump? He is ruining this country and (God forbid) if he gets re-elected, this country will go down into an abyss and might never recover. Voters, please see the direction of our nation and do the right thing or the result might be a revolution. We need to be smart voters next year and remember the 2020 election will be the most important one in our lifetime.

Thomas Sturniolo, State College

Engeman and Marshall will represent State College residents well

I am writing to ask State College Borough residents to support Peter Marshall and Janet Engeman for Borough Council. I know both of them personally and both will represent us well.

Peter Marshall served as an effective State College Borough Council manager for 17 years. He believes that State College should be a welcoming community where students, non-students, and visitors feel comfortable and safe, regardless of religion, race, sexual orientation, national origin, age, and physical or mental abilities. The Borough Council and staff should lead this effort both by example and action.

Janet Engeman currently serves on the Borough Council. She is a strong environmental advocate that residents of the Borough deserve and the State College Borough Council needs. Janet Engeman is committed to doing what she can to keep and sustain a better environment for our children and grandchildren. She understands that activities in surrounding municipalities can have major impacts on Borough residents. We need her to continue serving on Borough Council.

Please vote for Janet Engeman and Peter Marshall. Thank you!

Bernard ‘Bernie’ Hoffnar, State College

David Brown does his ‘homework’ on the issues

This letter is in support of David Brown’s candidacy for a position on the State College Borough Council. Brown will continue to bring to this position a commitment to managed growth for the Borough, an insistence upon sound fiscal practices, a support for the diverse populations of the Borough, and an appreciation for all the issues facing the Borough.

There are many challenges ahead: finding additional sources of revenue, sustaining our neighborhoods, not only being inclusive in spirit but also in practice, and coping with an aging housing stock.

On all of these issues (and many more) Brown does his “homework.” He can analyze issues and see competing factors, if they exist. He asks the tough questions and seeks and recommends solutions.

He has the knowledge and experience of an incumbent, a vision for our future, and the expertise to get us there.

Primary elections are important and your vote does count.

A vote for David Brown can assure us that the issues confronting State College will be addressed analytically and fairly with the aim that all constituents of the Borough will be listened to.

Eric R. White, State College

Vicki Wedler is passionate about keeping county strong

I am writing to urge your support for Vicki Wedler, candidate for Centre County Commissioner. As a friend and co-worker, I can personally attest to her honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness. When Vicki states she is going to get something done, she does it. No need to ask her twice. She is extremely organized, hardworking and a bundle of energy. As a successful businesswoman, she works diligently every day for the clients she represents in real estate, and I know she would work just as conscientiously for all of the citizens living in Centre County. As a lifelong resident of our area, Vicki is very passionate about keeping our county strong and vibrant for our children and grandchildren. This upcoming election is important and your vote does matter. Please consider voting for my respected colleague, Vicki Wedler, on Tuesday, May 21st.

Lisa A. Schroeder, State College

12th Congressional District debate highlighted stark differences

The 12th Congressional District debate on May 2nd demonstrated clear differences between candidates Friedenberg and Keller.

Marc Friedenberg showed a willingness to deal with the facts, whereas Mr. Keller was inclined to promote confusion and Trumpian “truthful hyperbole.” For example, while Friedenberg is in favor of the Green New Deal as a policy aspiration worth developing, Keller claims it will cost $90 trillion, an unsubstantiated and highly exaggerated figure and offered no proposals for dealing with climate change or anything else.

Friedenberg proposes seriously considering Medicare for All as a solution to the perennial problem of health care access and affordability. Mr. Keller dismisses this proposal as too expensive by $20 trillion, with no other plan offered.

Friedenberg also favors removing the regressive $130,000 income cap on Social Security contributions. Keller has no particular policy to guarantee the fund’s future, and in fact supports the Trump tax cut that will only put more pressure on the Congressional budget to slash benefits in the future.

Finally, Marc Friedenberg is knowledgeable about cyber security, and understands the findings and implications of the Mueller investigation which revealed that the Russians manipulated and corrupted the 2016 election and are still at it, no thanks to the Trump administration. Fred Keller seems to think that blaming Obama is going to help us in 2020.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a Congressional representative who understands the facts and is on our side?

Please vote for Marc Friedenberg on May 21st.

Bill Butler, Pennsylvania Furnace

Voters should give David J. Brown a second term

David J. Brown is seeking a second term as a member of State College Borough Council. David has lived in State College almost four decades. He knows our town and has served it well as a current member of the Borough Council. David supports two important issues: local determination of taxation to support public safety and affordable housing. As a member of the State College Community Land Trust Board, David has supported home ownership in tactical and strategic ways.

Please vote in this important election Tuesday, May 21, and please vote for David Brown.

Peg Hambrick, State College